Raise a “Mile of Pennies”

It takes 84,480 pennies laid end-to-end to stretch the length of a mile! That’s $844.80!

Geauga Faith Rescue Mission deeply appreciates your efforts in the “Mile of Pennies” campaign, but please do not send us 84,440 pennies.


3 Easy Ways to Send Funds Raised:


Click the link above to use our online donation form to send us the funds you raised throughout your campaign.


Mail to: Geauga Faith Rescue Mission,  PO Box 82, Chardon OH, 4402


Give us a call at (440) 636-5240 and we will make arrangements to pick up your check if you are local.

Here’s how your church, missions group or other organization can raise a “Mile of Pennies” to help Geauga’s homeless.

    • Share the “Mile of Pennies” idea with the leader of your group or organization (your pastor, Sunday SchoolSuperintendent, Business, Company President, Chairman, etc.) to get their support.
    • Make sure the project is endorsed by the leader of the group or organization and is placed on the calendar. GFRM is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible.
    • Churches may ask their pastor to lead the congregation in a special prayer for GFRM.
    • Invite a GFRM representative to attend a church service or speak at a meeting to explain the need for emergency housing or homeless shelters in Geauga County. Contact Mike Farrell at 440-477-7670 or sent an email to farrell@GFRMission.org.
    • Your campaign needs to run at least one month. Pick a start and an end date. It needs to be long enough to raise 84,440 pennies, but not so long that people lose interest.
    • Make this the local mission that receives support from your Vacation Bible School event.
    • Use our label or create your own containers using soda cans, jars, buckets, and plastic jugs. Encourage adults to participate and to drop in any size coin or folded bills.
    • Make it fun. Reward success with prizes to individuals, classes, etc. who collect the most pennies. Have a “Pennies Party” to launch the drive or to count pennies when it is over.
    • Consult with your bank at the outset of the campaign. They might require bags, or they may require rolled pennies, so please talk to your banker before you start.
    • Send a picture and short article to a local newspaper and ask that they include your campaign in their publication.

Thank you for time and support of GFRM.  Together we can help the homeless in our community and make a difference in their lives.