Being clean is not only healthy and hygienic, but it also restores dignity and helps those we serve feel better about themselves.
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This policy will clarify responsibilities and procedures needed to ensure effectiveness of the mobile showers.



These showers are available between the hours of ________ and ______ for men, women and children accompanied by an adult.  The Mission provides all items needed for the shower including hygiene products, razors, washcloths, towels, and so on. Those in need of a shower will need to sign up between the hours of ____________ and _________. Showers will be limited to a 20-minute time period. A sign will be posted on the door of the RV.


Volunteer Functions

Volunteers will register clients for their shower times and provide guidelines at that time. Volunteers will need to be available to accommodate and equip clients with accessories needed and to monitor time limits. The guest’s privacy must be respected at all times. Volunteers will be on hand for services only for like natural born genders. Gloves will need to be worn when shower areas area are cleaned and sanitized after each use.



  • Bag for clothing of client while showering
  • Towels, washcloths
  • Soap, shampoo, crème rinse
  • Other hygienic items as needed



  • Those taking a shower must be able to shower by themselves.
  • Shower and dress times must be kept to the prescribed 20 minute limit.
  • Children under the age of _____ must be accompanied by their parent/guardian. (Proof of parental/guardianship must be shown at time of registration.)