Melaleuca Wellness is Teaming with GFRM

You can too!   See below…


Jill Vinecourt


My name is Jill Vinecourt and I have partnered with the Melaleuca Wellness Company to raise funds for the Geauga Faith Rescue Mission through their Charitable Organization Program!

Together, you and I can shop online for our Sports Nutrition and Healthy Food products, Vitamin Nutrition and Weight Loss products, Non-toxic Household Cleaners and Laundry Care items, Skin Care and Cosmetics, Medicine Cabinet and Personal Care products, and Melaleuca will send the Geauga Faith Rescue Mission a 5% Organizational Commission Check each month!

This means that while we shop at this online store for things we use every day that are safer for us, our family, and our environment, we will be helping to make the Shelter a reality! In addition, using EcoSense products at the shelter will comply with environmental sustainability practices for the facility!

Melaleuca’s mission statement since 1985 is, “Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.”

Here is our chance to help the GFRM reach its goal while helping to reach ours of good health, weight loss, fitness, safer environments in our home and the great outdoors, and other personal and financial goals.