Why We Serve

Our faith driven purpose compels us to work to resolve pressing issues of homelessness within our Geauga County community. The local United Way receives more than 100 calls annually from families inquiring about the availability of emergency housing or homeless shelters in Geauga County, of which very few services exist. This lack of services has led to families sleeping in a car in a Walmart parking lot in the dead of winter and summer, three individuals having to seek shelter behind an Arby’s, local families having to take in young women and children, and a lack of occupancy for many people, forcing the shelters that do exist to put the homeless back out into the heat, cold, and elements.


Mission Plan

Geauga Faith Rescue Mission (GFRM) works through God’s grace to implement a two pronged plan to provide shelter and services for Geauga County’s homeless.
GFRM Business Plan 


Prong 1: Establish a network of ministry, service, and training.

  • Locate and identify those in need using an RV for showers, laundry, food boxes, clothes, etc.
  • Utilize Charity Tracker to document needs and provide more effective and efficient assistance.
  • Build a network of volunteers, partners, prayer warriors, and financial supporters.
  • Minister our five-point plan for the homeless:

1. Establish responsible job seeking habits.
2. Encourage guests to save a minimum of 50% of all income while staying with GFRM.
3. Provide training in methods of effective financial planning.
4. Offer spiritual guidance and utilize local mental health agencies as needed.
5. Undertake periodic progress evaluations for personal progress and financial stability.


Prong 2: Establish a shelter.

  • Locate and purchase a building or land upon which a structure can be raised.
  • Expand our occupancy for families and individuals.
  • Work to create a housing plan by creating an avenue to stability and home ownership.


Financial Goals

GFRM seeks to raise $250,000 – $500,000 to purchase a building, or land, to establish a shelter and begin providing services to the homeless and needy in our community. The long-term goal of GFRM is to establish at least a budget of $800,000 to provide expanded housing, and eventual home ownership opportunities for residents that chose to succeed.

Sustainability Plan